Friday, September 13, 2013

Paris, Burgundy and Provence - here we come!

Jayne, Vivian and I leave for Paris on Monday, September 16th. It is so exciting!

It's been a lot of work planning and scheduling everything but we're almost there. I've spent this week confirming B & B's, apartments, car rentals and other details for our stay.

It's difficult to make definite plans - having never been to France - so we really don't know what to expect - we may have to wing it.

Our plan is to stay in Paris for three days - We've rented an apartment in Montemartre which, from what I've heard, is close to many interesting musea and sites. Need to find the best Flea Markets!

We have scheduled a three day Open bus tour where we can hop on and hop off at different sites -  Eiffel Tower, Arch de Triomphe, Louvre, etc. The bus tour includes a pass on the Batobus (boat cruise) on the Seine.

BTW, my birthday is on the 18th - we will celebrate at Harry's Bar in Paris! Can't wait!

Friday night we take the train to Nevers and from there hire a taxi to our home base in Montenoison. It is a 150 year old typical French farmhouse in the country. It is my husband's cousin's house that he is renting out while working in Vienna.

BTW, if anyone is interested in renting the house for a future vacation, please contact Laurence Caruana at

Here's the farmhouse in Montenoison where we will be staying. Thanks to Laurence and Florence Caruana (a.k.a. Flaurence).

The plan is to take day trips around Burgundy and Flaurence has kindly provided us with details of many sites in their area. Wine sampling is # 1 on our agenda, then cheese, then bread, more wine, followed by food and, of course, wine.

Our second week we will drive to Provence - passing through Lyon and many small villages. It is at least a five hour drive (maybe more), but we will leave early and stop along the way. We've rented a GPS which should help us find our way. Hopefully in English!

We've rented a B & B in Avignon called Chez Micaela for two nights. It is within ten minutes of Avignon centre. The house was built in 1850 and is in the heart of Provence. They provide Provincial cooking classes as well. A highlight for me is visiting the famous Provence Flea Markets.

Here is a pic of Chez Micaela.

We will return to Burgundy via an alternate route - so we see villages and sites that we didn't see on the way down. Our last two days will be spent relaxing in the village.

Then, it's back to Paris and the airport for our return home (boo hoo).

Stay tuned!