Saturday, August 24, 2013

French Country - Montmarte apartment

Yaaay! Our trip to France is getting closer - less than a month away.

We've rented a fabulous private apartment in Montmartre (4th arr). Everything is close by and we can walk, shop and eat all day. We are going to do the double-decker bus tour that includes a boat pass so that we can see Paris from the Siene, in a whirlwind tour. We are staying three days in Paris then travelling by train to Nevers where we pick up our car and drive to the farmhouse we are staying in for the rest of our visit. We're using the house as a base and go on day trips to different parts of France. I think our longest trek will be to Provence - we will probably have to layover in Lyon - but that's okay - another beautiful city for us to explore.

Here are some pictures of Montmartre: